Cactus Comments have a few tools to help with moderation built-in. For bigger needs, the Matrix ecosystem has solutions that can work with Cactus Comments.

Household batteries included

For smaller moderation needs, Cactus Comments have two features:

  1. power-level replication
  2. ban propagation

Power-level replication means that if you invite and promote someone to the moderation room, they will have the same power level in all your comment sections. This can be helpful as a simple mechanism to make multiple people moderators of your comment sections.

Ban propagation means that if you ban a user in one of your comment sections, they will automatically be banned in all your comment sections.

Moderation in larger communities

Cactus Comments exclusively uses standard Matrix events. This means you can use any moderation tool for moderation in Matrix to moderate your comment sections.

Take a look at the official Community Moderation documentation.

The wider Matrix community is moving to Draupnir instead of Mjolnir.

Approving Comments

A commonly requested feature is the ability to hide comments until they are approved by a moderator. This is not currently possible in Matrix, the closest solution (not implemented) being MSC3531.