Integrating Cactus Comments with the Nikola static-site generator.

If you are using Nikola to generate your website, you can use this plugin to use Cactus Comments as a comment system. It requires Nikola v8.2.0 or higher, where the feature to add a comments system through a plugin was added.

The plugin can be installed with

nikola plugin -i cactuscomments

A minimal configuration corresponding to the quickstart guide would be

    "cactus_config": {
        "defaultHomeserverUrl": "",
        "serverName": ""

Other configuration options can also be added under cactus_config in GLOBAL_CONTEXT.

In case you are using an older Nikola version (up to v8.1.3) you should consider updating; if that is not an option this script may be used to change the comments system by modifying the templates of your theme.